Gdaal & Erfan – Paydari (ft. Madgal)
1 Gdaal & Erfan - Paydari (ft. Madgal)

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Gdaal & Erfan – Paydari (ft. Madgal)

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Gdaal & Erfan - Paydari (ft. Madgal)
From the peak of childhood memories
To the valley of Neshagi memories
We got involved in whatever you call the wrong way
But we did not pay ransom to the king and slavery
What we are saying is not a curtain
It's not time to cut your head
You will be upside down in your life
This time, the mouse hit G
Yes, my team is madder than me without it
Before your operation, visit the website
He has not yet touched Dhamno Shahrago
One hand is loose, the next hand is closed
Give me a push and I will be full
The sound is louder than your throat
The sharp spike in the throat is gone, my dear
Bad people in stories are all role models

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Gdaal & Erfan - Paydari (ft. Madgal)

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