Housenick – my remedy
1 Housenick - my remedy

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Housenick – my remedy

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Housenick - my remedy
And by the way that it was
Nothing could come between us
Take it away in the rain
Will it ever be the same?
Don't wanna leave it alone
Feels like I'm leaving my home
Nothing will be quite the same
Without you here next to me
Where are you now?
Can we work it out?
Need to find a remedy
We crashed through the ground
But we're stronger now
You're the missing piece of me
My remedy
Need to find a way out the dark
My remedy
Need you to be my kind of start
My remedy
Wanna be there for you when it's cold
My remedy
Maybe we can start again, let me know
My remedy

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Housenick - my remedy

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