MusicAll about Queen music group
All about Queen music group

All about Queen music group

Freddie Mercury (Farokh Bolsara) was the main singer of Crew Queen and was considered one of the most famous Persians in India.
On September 6, 1946, in Zanzibar, a Zoroastrian couple (from the Persians of India) named “Jer” and “Bumi Bulsara” had a child, who at first they named Farrukh, but soon because of the difficulty in pronouncing this name among those around them. Almost all of them were English-speaking – they changed his name to “Freddy” (Freddy). Freddy also had a younger sister named Kashmira.

In Frederick, he was employed by the British government as a bailiff of the Supreme Court. A year later, his family immigrated to India.

Queen group

In Frederick, he was employed by the British government as a bailiff of the Supreme Court. A year later, his family immigrated to India.

Freddie’s father’s job position and their frequent travels required Freddie to be sent to St. Peter’s Boarding School in Bombay so as not to damage his stability and strength of character. Sometimes he did not see his parents for two or three years. It was here that his name changed from Frederic to Frederic to his friends and then to his family, and it was here that his teachers noticed his extraordinary talent in music.

Individual’s great interest in art, especially music, made the school principal ask his parents to participate in school music classes. Freddie followed piano classes with great interest and in 1958 he formed a rock band called The Hectics with his friends.

Queen group

Zanzibar was considered a British colony until 1964, but it gained its independence in this year. Because of this, life became difficult for Freddie and his family and they left for Europe almost empty-handed with only a few suitcases of clothes and some small change. In September of that year, Freddie enrolled at Isleworth College for a Master of Arts degree. In 1966, he was awarded first class in art and began studying design and graphic design at Ealing College of Art. It was here that Freddi changed his family name from Bulsara to Mercury.

Although Freddie Mercury had a very intimate girlfriend named Marie Austin, he was also aware of his bisexuality.

The first years of activity of the Queen group

After the reunion of the members of Queen and its formation, the single Keep Yourself Alive was released from Queen’s album called Queen. As the first album after the formation of the group, critics gave positive comments about it; Although this album was not noticed by the public and had little sales. In 2008, Rolling Stone ranked Keep Yourself Alive as the 31st greatest guitar song of all time.

In 1974, Queen played the Sunbury Pop Festival in Australia. There, Queen’s band was jeered and taunted by the audience. Before leaving Australia, Freddie Mercury announced:

When we come back to Australia, Queen will be the biggest band in the world! Metallica group biography; History, members and honors
In the same year, Queen II was released and became the first Queen Band album to enter the UK Albums Chart. The album was a huge success for Queen and was widely praised. Released in 1974, Sheer Heart Attack reached number two in the UK. This Queen Band album sold well throughout Europe and America, and received attention on both sides of the Atlantic. This was Queen’s first experience of international success.

The problems of the Queen group

In 1982, Queen Band’s Hot Space album was released, which was completely different from the atmosphere of the previous albums. The sound of this album was a combination of pop rock, dance, funk and R&B. Roger Taylor and Brian May were quite unhappy with the change. After Queen’s waning popularity and fan anger towards Freddie Mercury, the band decided not to perform live in 1983 after 10 years of steady work. Several members of the band started recording solo works during this time.

The problems of the Queen group

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In 1984, Queen Band’s album The Works was released, featuring hits like Radio Gaga, Hammer to Fall and I Want to Break Free. The album was very successful in England, but not so successful in the United States. The reason was the music video of the song “I Want to Break Free” and the strange clothes of the band members, and the song was banned from MTV.

Queen toured The Works in South Africa, but were booed when they returned to England; Because they performed at the height of apartheid in Africa and acted against the cultural embargo of the United Nations. Queen Band donated money to a school for the deaf and blind as a charitable act, but were fined by the British Union of Musicians and blacklisted by the United Nations.

Queen’s last years with Freddie Mercury

In mid-1986, Quinn went on the Magic Tour. This was Queen Band’s last tour featuring Queen frontman Freddie Mercury and it was a crazy crowd. In 1988, the media announced that Mercury was seriously ill and that his possible illness was AIDS. Mercury denied this and stated that he was just tired. The truth was that in 1987, Mercury had tested positive for HIV and only his close friends and colleagues knew about it.

Queen's last years with Freddie Mercury

Queen continued to record albums, and The Miracle and Innuendo were released. Freddie Mercury’s last public appearance was to receive a Brit Award for his contribution to British music. The album Inneundo was released in 1991 and included the song The Show Must Go On. When Mercury recorded this song, he was seriously ill and could hardly walk, but he finished the song beautifully. During this time, Mercury constantly asked the band members to write poems for him to read.


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