MusicIntroduction of western musical instruments
Introduction of western musical instruments

Introduction of western musical instruments

Do you know western musical instruments? These instruments are among the most famous around the world, and it is better to get familiar with them.These instruments have different types and different styles. You should also know that the number of these instruments is not small. Therefore, each person can choose one of these instruments according to their interest and inclination and get the necessary training. Perhaps one of the most famous western musical instruments that we all know from its heartwarming and soulful sound is the can download and listen to any kind of music in melorafy.

Piano is one of the most familiar and famous western instruments that has many fans all over the world. Therefore, the style of western instruments is completely different from the traditional instruments of us Iranians. It is common to use these instruments to play jazz, rock, classical music. Here we decide to introduce you to various examples of western instruments. Stay with us.

All kinds of western instruments:


As we said, the piano is one of the most famous western musical instruments, which is in a completely specific style and genre and different from other music. Good to know that piano has 21 million fans in America alone! The pleasant resonance of this instrument has attracted many people. For this reason, the piano is among the best instruments in the world.


Another very famous western musical instrument is the violin. The violin is one of the oldest and most famous instruments, playing it is associated with many difficulties. Using this instrument, different genres of music such as jazz, pop, country, etc. can be performed.


Fluting is relatively simple, the sound of which is produced by entering the flow of air from the mouth. This western instrument is in the list of the top ten instruments in the world and is considered among the fun western instruments.

bass guitar

All kinds of western instruments:

Among other western musical instruments is the bass guitar. Compared to other instruments, learning the bass guitar is not easy. This instrument is played in many styles of music and is considered one of the necessities.

  • Introducing some examples of western musical instrumentsIntroducing some examples of western musical instruments
  • Introduction of western musical instruments
  • In the previous section, we introduced western musical instruments. Now, after getting acquainted with the most famous western musical instruments, it is good to get acquainted with other western musical instruments as well.


If you are familiar with saxophone, you will definitely remember jazz music. Like a flute, the saxophone is played by blowing air into the mouth. Learning this instrument is relatively simple and people with different tendencies can learn this instrument.

electric guitar

One of the most popular and sought-after instruments in western music is the electric guitar. This western instrument is in the list of top ten instruments in the world. If you have noticed, this instrument is used in the background of many computer games. During the last several years, both the demand for selling this instrument and the demand for teaching it have increased all over the world. For this reason, the electric guitar is known as one of the most popular instruments in the world.


Trumpet is one of the western musical instruments that is in the list of top ten instruments in the world. This instrument is one of the old and popular instruments that is played along with other instruments. This brass instrument is very popular.


Cello is one of the string orchestra instruments that has a rich and versatile sound. This instrument can be considered from the violin family, which has high efficiency and use. The tone cello has a very perfect and perfect sound. Also, if this instrument is combined with other instruments, it will have good flexibility.


The last example of the western musical instruments that we mention here is the clarinet. This instrument is one of the woodwind instruments. This instrument is easy to learn for beginners and is very popular among people because of its light and compact physics.

Texture in Western music:

An example of combining sounds with each other is texture in music. Texture included:

Texture in Western music:


The simplest type is monophony, which means one voice, in an orchestra of 5 and 6 people, they may create only one voice or create one voice and one rhythm. In the context of polyphony, we hear several melodies together, that is, in an orchestra, a polyphonic music or several lines, each of which has a melodic value on its own, or each of which is a separate melody, but they are related to each other. Homophony A specific melody is played and the rest of the instruments accompany it, and those instruments don’t want to play it themselves. A melody with distinct characteristics that is accompanied by other sounds.


Instrumentology: a category that is related to the sound range of instruments and the techniques and abilities of the instruments as well as the type of sound. Instrumentation: the art of arranging a work for different instruments, the art of choosing different instruments to perform a musical work.

Motif: The smallest component in music is a note, and the smallest musical structure with a musical word that has a specific meaning is a motif that allows the composer to expand the music.

Theme: The theme is wider than the motif, in fact, it is a musical component that has a wider meaning than the motif and is usually longer than the motif.

Introduction of multiple forms:

Solo SOLO: A piece that is usually written for one instrument.

 DUET Duet: It is a form that is usually written for 2 instruments.

Trio TRIO: It is a form written for 3 instruments.

Quartet QUARTET: written for 4 instruments and is one of the most common forms of chamber music.

Quintet QUINTET: composed and written for 5 instruments, for example, for piano and string quartet.

SEXTET SEXTET: It is written for 6 instruments.

Introduction of multiple forms:

SEPTET: composed for 7 instruments.

Octet OCTET: composed for 8 instruments.

NONET NONET: It is composed for instruments.

Tektorne form: it is to express the story and support. Poem = poetry, / is one of the most important types of chamber music, which is characterized by its small size compared to a symphony.

Waltz: a dance with 3 beats and normal speed that appeared in 1800. The origin of the waltz should be found in an Austrian dance called Lendler, meaning “villagers”, which was composed and performed a lot before the waltz became popular.

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