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The Best Piano Players

The Best Piano Players

Did you ever know the most famous piano players in the world? In this article we are talking about the best piano players ,These pianists gained their fame through their admirable and also eccentric techniques.

The Best Piano Players

Martha Argerich

He was from Argentina and started playing the piano at the age of three. And then, after 5 years, he performed his first concert and won the first place in various competitions, including the Geneva International Music Competition in 1957. Apart from being a very successful musician, he faced a personal crisis and had doubts about continuing his music career.

After that, he stopped playing for three years, but a friend encouraged him, and he later rose to fame at the age of 24 by winning the 7th International Piano Competition. When he was diagnosed with cancer in 1990 and beat it, she faced another challenge. She always avoided publicity and preferred concerts and chamber music to solo performances.This lady helped promote other piano players by hosting festivals and being am

Claudio Arrow

Claudio was an artist who could read music before he could read words. He mastered Beethoven’s sonatas at the age of 4 and performed his first concert at the age of 5. He was introduced to the piano by his mother, but there were no professional musicians in their family.

And also he was lucky enough to get a grant from the Chilean government to study in Germany for 10 years. He studied for 15 years but stopped after one of his teachers died. His high level of skill allowed him to perform at the world level and he usually averaged 120 performances per season. He played the works of various composers, but he was usually known for his interpretations of Beethoven.

Frederic Chopin

Chopin was a very talented child and he was performing concerts and writing polonaises from the age of 7. People knew him as a composer, musician and teacher, He was also a friend and familiar with another great piano player named Franz Liszt.

Frederic Chopin

He struggled with various diseases throughout his life and wrote fewer works due to physical deterioration in his old age. However, he was able to contribute a lot to the music world for 39 years.

Glen Gould

This great musician was known as an excellent interpreter of Bach’s keyboard works. Canadian Glenn Gould was born and raised in a musical family and learned how to read notes before reading words. His family and acquaintances noticed that he had a great voice when he was three years old, and then he passed his conservatory exam at the age of 12 with top marks.

People remember him for his wonderful and unique style, it is interesting to know that he was mentally practicing instead of playing the piano. Also, instead of just playing, he hummed while performing.

Until the age of 31, he only performed in concerts as he wanted to focus on studio recordings.

Vladimir Horowitz

The first teacher this wonderful musician had was his mother, and he started studying at the Kiev Conservatory in 1912.  This musician was memorable because he could produce a quality sound and he could thrill the audience. His fame began at the age of 20 and also with performances in Berlin.

Although the audience loved him very much, Vladimir doubted his abilities and sometimes someone had to push him on stage to perform. At one point he also suffered from depression and then stopped performing the show for a long time. However, even in the last few weeks of his life, he made many live recordings. He was also a piano teacher, but he was very strict.

long long

He started learning at the age of three and within two years was able to perform public recitals as well as winning competityear. Unfortunately, his teacher expelled him at the age of 9 because he was not talented enough, but he continued his studies after that and in 1993 he won the national piano competition in Beijing.

Franz Liszt

This man was a pianist from Hungary, he was also a music teacher and composer. In his life, he knew piano greats like Haydn and Beethoven. He knew piano greats like Haydn and Beethoven in his life. His interest in playing the piano started at the age of 6, and then at the age of 7, his father taught him.

Then he made his first composition at the age of 8 and started playing in concerts a year later.  Through the money he earns from his performances, he was able to find the necessary money to study music in Vienna.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

This musician is so famous that people can only know him by his last name. He also mastered the violin and keyboard. Mozart grew up in the city of Salzburg and gradually learned to play the piano at the age of three.

The talent of this great musician was revealed very early and he was able to make music at the age of 5. In 1762, Leopold took his children on tours to perform as child geniuses. A few years later, Mozart traveled to Italy and the rest of Europe He also performed for the royal family and also met other great musicians.Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

The Best Piano Players | Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Eventually, his great talent led him to serve as a musician at the Salzburg court. He went to Vienna and lived there until his death, And he continued composing until the last days of his life and created more than 600 pieces until his death.

Clara Schumann

Clara’s husband, Robert, was more famous than her, but he was also very famous. He learned to play music from his father and on average, he studied for one hour and practiced for two hours a day. He was a piano teacher and his concert playing years spanned more than 6 decades. Many institutions offered him good positions, but he finally chose to teach at Dr. Hoch’s Conservatory.

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Robert Schumann

Robert went on to study law, but he dropped out to pursue music, hoping to become a professional musician. Although people still remember him as a great pianist, But in the end, he reached his current fame with his songs.


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