Gastr Del Sol – Cafe Del Mar
1 Gastr Del Sol - Cafe Del Mar

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Gastr Del Sol – Cafe Del Mar 

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Gastr Del Sol - Cafe Del Mar
I should be a fool
Twenty-eight degrees
But the mellowness keeps me so cool
Café del Mar
This is the place I've searched for
Feels like I’m flying
No thing to die for
The heart of the island
Ibiza harbor's still silent
The waves turn red
In the sundown
Nightfall enters
And I'm in a rundown
Fill up your mouth
With a spoon of happiness
The fun of a good time, paired up sadness
Breaks the barrier to a dreamland paradise
So close, it’s hard to understand
Watching the boats to Cala Bassa
Row so smoothly, no need to rest
Just wanna feel this forever
And dеlay past me
And let me drеam away

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Gastr Del Sol - Cafe Del Mar

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