Metallica – Guitar Solo
1 Metallica - Guitar Solo

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Metallica – Guitar Solo

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Metallica - Guitar Solo
Pretty fucking good, huh? We're all still having some fun here? We've got some sweat going on out there, I fucking hope We like to see some fucking action going on Me-xi-co, Me-xi-co, Me-xi-co... Who? Me-xi-co, Me-xi-co, Me-xi-co... Yeah yeah yeah, that's where we fucking are, man, don't forget it Survey says, man, huh? Metallica, Metallica.... That's some fucking do that A little beer for my throat A little drinking music, maestro Hey, y'all can join in, if you want Hail Satan, if you please, muah hahaha I'm just kidding, man....maybe That's Jason He's in a good fucking mood, so you better look the fuck out So, I think he wants to play a little bass for you, is that all right with you? No, I said is it all right?!? Shit yeah Okay, let's have some lights here, JB, my friend All right! So, how you doing, Mexico City? All right? I see a lot of my amigos here, how you guys doing, man? All right? Yeah! What can I say? Fourth night in Mexico City, it's a huge thing for us, man, you guys, 'cause we've been waiting a long time to come to Mexico You know, like ten or eleven years or something And you guys have been waiting for us, right? So, I'm just glad that you showed up to share this with us All right, all right, all right Ha hah ha Okay, one more thing, man, real quick, okay? This show right here, all these lights and all this stuff, man A lot of people work really hard to make this happen for you guys, and for us every night If you get together with me and make a bunch of noise for the road crew, man, come on Yeah, baby! You might also like Through the Never (Live) Metallica Justice Medley: Eye of the Beholder / Blackened / The Frayed Ends of Sanity / ...And Justice for All (Live) Metallica One Metallica All right, thank you, gracias Let's have a good time tonight, man, together, okay? Yeah Thanks a lot Salut Okay, here we go Hey! Hey!
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