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I can not
I can't take anyone's ass
When I saw the whole team
I drew everything
I turned everywhere (everywhere)
I saw him giving what he did not give
I saw my friend taking drugs
When an alcoholic duck, I go to three numbers
When everyone saw my cell phone
I can't fuck anyone (I can't)
I don't feel like myself
Every laggard should catch up
Everyone is leaving, Mamreza is lying down
It doesn't die, it goes slowly
What are those people looking for?
I will be one
One of you, another chance
I think it will be late
Because he wants to take revenge
He does not give medals to heroes here
With these, maybe he will see me naked (maybe)
Everything here is fake
Here one just has to be dumbfounded
No one tells anyone the truth
Having a car and a house here is a fantasy (fantasy).
It's interesting, my tongue and the cow's are the same
I was in the street
I was penniless
I was fine
With those who cut themselves with a knife
I was in Juba
I was with them but (but)
I wasn't them (I wasn't)
I wasn't like them (I wasn't like them)
Look vertically
How do I know what will happen tomorrow? (where)
One generation cannot
You don't study because I don't study
Haji Nega, everyone is crazy
Haji, everyone is busy with their shame
Haji, these are our children, Haji
Haji, please shake your hand
Their youth came like flowers
Today they are dead and sleeping in the grave
Haji, give me Iran.
We split everything we had
Haji, a thief in Iran, has done a lot
What would happen if they left it in place?
We would be fine again
If he was convicted again, he would be convicted (what would happen?)
Most of us are not like that
Sometimes you and I were forced

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