Twenty One Pilots – Intro
1 Twenty One Pilots - Intro

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Twenty One Pilots – Intro

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Twenty One Pilots - Intro
Please, welcome Twenty One Pilots
Hello, we're Twenty One Pilots
And welcome to our MTV Unplugged
Now, as you can see, up here, we're very plugged, uhm
But to me, this series has become less about performing your songs acoustically
And more about a band and-or an artist presenting themselves
In a different way than they traditionally would
Usually when Josh and I perform, we play with pre-recorded tracks
But tonight, what we're gonna do, is
We're gonna build out those tracks in real time in front of you
And using hands-free looping and some sampling, hopefully
If we play everything right and in time
We'll end up with brand new versions of our songs
There might be a few awkward transitions between songs
Because we have a lot to kind of, like, preset
So just embrace the awkwardness, I guess

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Twenty One Pilots - Intro

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