021 Kid started his musical career in Tehran in 2017 and has gained a lot of fame among Persian rap lovers for two years. 021 Kid is a Persian drill rap, singing drill means spreading rap and criminality, and the root of this The style comes from America and the leader of American drill rap is Eminem. 021 Kid left Iran in 2018 and currently lives in London in a magnificent palace, he says he inherited this wealth from his father, 021's father was a prominent stone merchant in Iran and a lot of wealth for him has left. 021 Kid is not married yet, he says that marriage interferes with rap and if a rapper gets married, that rapper will no longer be the dumb and outlaw of the past. The popular active Iranian singer has started his activities in the field of music since his young age and due to the fact that he has a strong interest in this field, he has been able to gain popularity with his activities and efforts.Among his other songs, we can mention Becha Tehran, Tofani, Farewell, and 31 Tir. Each of this singer's songs has been supported by the people.

The Latest Albums

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