Alan Walker
Alan Walker

Alan Walker

Alan Walker, formerly known as DJ Walker, is an English-born Norwegian songwriter, music producer, and DJ.In 2015, Walker He received international acclaim with the release of the single "Fade Out", which received platinum certifications in 14 countries. He released his first studio album, A Different World, in 2018. He released his second album called World of Walker in 2021 and his latest album called Walker World in November 2023. It is said that Ellen Walker is the most popular DJ after Marshmallow. Various sites also announced him as the most popular DJ. Although he had famous songs such as: Alone, Sing me to sleep,Darkness, On my own way, Diamond heart and Tired , But his biggest success came in 2015, when he made the song "Faded". This song has 3.5 billion views and 23 million likes on YouTube, and this song has 1.8 billion views on Spotify in December 2023. It ranked first in the charts of ten countries. Also, this single has received the certificate of sales of recorded music in several countries.

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