Amirabbas Golab
Amirabbas Golab

Amirabbas Golab

Amir Abbas Nizami (born on 24 November 1365 in Tehran) is an Iranian singer, composer, songwriter and musician. He started music at the age of 7 with his father's traditional singing. He was not more than 14 years old when he started playing the guitar and became interested in the pop style. After some time, he met Mr. Farman Fethaliyan and his view on music changed, and after that, he started learning flamenco guitar and soon after this acquaintance, he started composing and songwriting. He likes Alireza Kaid Nizami Amir Abbas Gulab, who has a musical education, started working with Mohammad Nouri for a short period and presented his first single in 2006 under the title "Just Go". Later, he made minor changes to his style and turned to pop rock style, but his main and current style is pop. In 2007, Amir Abbas Gulab performed the title of the Satish series [4] and after the airing of this title, he started to play his official singles. Among his songs are Gadam, Godia Kajaei and Hos Karam. Following the production of the second season of Sataysh series, Amir Abbas Gulab was again invited to collaborate in this project and took over the title of the second season of this series as well. He also held his first concert in Milad Hall of Tehran International Exhibition on August 9, 2016. In June 2018, Amir Abbas Gulab released the album "Qele" with 14 songs, and in 1400, he released his second official album called "Ay Mardom".

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