Anathema is an English alternative-progressive rock band from the city of Liverpool, which, along with bands such as My Dying Bride, helped to expand the music genre. Second, they did metal. The word anathema in English means excommunication and "cursed by religious clergy". Anathema's early works were in the style of death-doom, but their later albums are in the styles of alternative rock, progressive rock and post-rock, which has created a very pleasant combination of male and female vocalists. This band has many fans in Iran and some of them believe that this band is the continuation of Pink Floyd's or King Crimson's style of work. One of the reasons for the popularity of this band is the use of different but at the same time professional styles in his different albums. The very different style of the album "Weather System" and the album " Optimist " created a lot of popularity among fans of different genres of rock music, and albums of live performances are among his popular tracks, and the Anatma band is also popular. It was not ineffective. The most popular track of this band among the Persian rock community is "Parvaz" which has been reproduced in several albums in different styles, each version of which has been skillfully adjusted according to the taste of fans of different genres of music. The main vocalist of this group "Daniel Kavanagh" works independently in the field of rock music, and his independent works are also interesting. This popular British band officially disbanded on September 23, 2020 after more than twenty years of activity.

The Latest Albums

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