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Brendan Matthew Galdo (born October 5, 1995), better known by his stage name Mr FijiWiji, is an American electronic music producer, known for producing chill-out, future and dubstep songs.Galdo peaked at No. 12 on Billboard's Next Big Sound chart in January 2016. In 2011, Galdo was signed onto the Canadian record label Monstercat for his (original) song, Insomnia and has since had several songs and EPs released by the record label. Galdo has also produced several remixes of Aruna, Myon & Shane 54, Taylor Renee, and Bingo Players. He has also collaborated with Tritonal. In 2013, Joseph Lyncheski (better known as his stage name Direct) introduced Galdo to future & deep house when they both met each other for the first time. Galdo instantly grew interest in the genres and created two songs Out on a Limb and Let Me Out as a result. Lyncheski and Galdo have since collaborated on multiple songs, notably the deep house song 'Entropy'. In 2014, Galdo collaborated with the duo Tritonal to create the song Seraphic. The duo grew inspiration from chillout and ambient music and wanted to collaborate with Galdo as a result. In the same year, Galdo left high school and moved into college, having to deal with the variety of emotions in the process. As a result, he created the EP Growing Up to show that not only is he growing in life as a person, he is also growing up as an artist. In 2016, Galdo released his fourth EP, titled 'Dogma'. The EP contains a collaboration with Direct and Aruna, as well as Lucas Marx, son of pop/rock star Richard Marx and Anna Yvette as featured vocalists.[11][4] In the week of January 23, Galdo peaked at number 12 on Billboard's Next Big Sound chart.

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