Opeth is a Swedish progressive metal band from Stockholm. This group has experienced many changes in the composition of its members, but Mikael Akerfelt is the only member of the group who has been in it as a singer, lead guitarist and songwriter since its inception. During his career, Opeth mixed genres such as folk, blues, progressive metal, jazz and classical in his music, which is mostly rooted in death metal, and created his own style. The use of acoustic guitar at certain intervals and the change of sensitive and dynamic modes, in addition to the use of the singing style of death metal singers and normal vocals together, are the characteristics of Opt's works. They started limited tours during the release of their first 4 albums, in 2001 and following the release of their fifth album, Blackwater Park, they held their first world tour. Twelve studio albums, three live albums, two boxed sets and three DVDs have been released from Apeth Tabemoroz. They released their first album, Orchid, in 1995. Although Opt's eighth studio album, Soul Illusion, became a hit in the United States upon its release, they had not achieved major commercial success in that country prior to the release of their ninth studio album, Watershed. Watershed climbed to number 23 on the Billboard 200 when it was released in the US and was the best-selling album in Finland in its first week of release. As of 2009, Apeth has sold over one and a half million albums and DVDs worldwide, of which 300,000 were in the United States alone.

The Latest Albums

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