MusicThe mysterious history of music
The mysterious history of music

The mysterious history of music

Music is an international language that brings people of the world together. Every culture has its own list of melodies, songs, dances and in some cases musical instruments. It is difficult to say at what stage of evolution man started using music and its development, but with the prevalence of music among traditional and remote tribes today, we can guess that the use of music by man has a very old history. And this art has been used in the early days of human creation.

After much research, neuroscientists have found that playing a variety of musical instruments stimulates the parts of the human brain more than any other activity. This issue causes new connections to emerge between different parts of the brain, which will ultimately result in greater intelligence and faster reaction to anything.

Music at the beginning

First of all, regarding the history of music, we must remind you that no information can be obtained about the first people who became interested in music education and understood and applied it. Therefore, the history of music cannot be accurately attributed to a specific time. But according to conjectures, the origin of the history of music goes back to the beginning of human creation.

There are also differences of opinion among researchers about how music originated. But what seems certain in the history of music. It is that man was more or less familiar with the art of music before he learned speech and sound because the weights and songs and even the sounds that came out of his larynx are only the first steps on the way to the emergence and emergence of the history of music. have been. It is certain that first of all there was weight and then sound was created. Also, regarding the progress of musical instruments in the history of music, it can be said that musical instruments were first made of bone, then of stringed instruments such as intestines and plant strings, and finally of wire.

The remarkable thing is that the history of Hamurah music has traveled the path of perfection and has overshadowed religious, spiritual and dance ceremonies. The study of the history of music states that it became more serious in the sixth century and was mixed with mathematics by Pythagoras. As far as its oscillations and frequencies have found a computational form.

The influence of Pythagoras on the history of music

According to legends from the history of music, Pythagoras took a harp string, strummed it, measured its pitch and amplitude, then cut the string in half and measured it again.

The influence of Pythagoras on the history of music

He called the difference between the amplitude of vibration of the first and second strings an octave and then divided the octave into twelve equal parts. Each point around the circle was assigned to a note, the value of each note being exactly equal to 1/12 octave higher or lower than the next note. The only problem with the Pythagorean cycle was that he was not a musician. Even though the cycle was mathematically correct and an amazing development, some of the tunings he proposed didn’t sound good.

History of world music

The history of world music goes back many years. As a result of archaeological discoveries, some musical instruments have been found that have a history of 5,000 to 7,000 years. Buddhists used to read their religious books with some kind of music and their religious rituals were accompanied by dancing and singing. Music gradually progressed to perfection and found new divisions in 930 AD and merged with the alphabet. Until finally, in 1450 AD, the note was completed and included in four parallel lines

To know the nature of music, there must be an origin for music. For this reason, philosophers and scientists presented many theories and assumptions in this field. People like Plato, Nietzsche, Herder, Ibn Sina and… Jean-Jacques Rousseau in 1767 and then Delaware discussed the subject of music in their writings. The people of France and England and then the Germans were among the first to research in this field.

Medieval music

Medieval music dates back to 1450 and is the oldest known music. Whether religious or non-religious music.

Renaissance music

The Renaissance includes the years 1450 to 1600. Renaissance means rebirth. The most important feature of music in this era is the strong desire for culture and the issue of education.

Baroque music

The music of this era includes the years 1600 to 1750. Baroque comes from the Portuguese word baroco which means pearl. This term has been related to the very ornate style of architecture and art of the 17th century. After that, musicians used this term in the creation of opera and…

Baroque music

classic music

This period covers from 1750 to 1810. Classic in that era belonged to the highest degrees.

Romantic music of the 19th century

The term romanticism was first used to describe the first signs of new ideas in painting and literature, and was later used by musicians. Romantic music existed from 1810 to 1910.

Music of the 20th century

In the history of music from 1910 to 1980, it belongs to the music of the 20th century, during which new musical techniques made it one of the most exciting music in history.

History of music in Greece

The Greek people praised Hermes, who was the god of commerce and merchants in Greece, in gratitude for the gift of music. While walking on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, he puts the hide of a cow that he stole from his brother (named Apollo) on the turtle’s shell, installs the cow’s horns in the place of the turtle’s hands and starts playing. This instrument was named lyre.

History of music in China

Music in China dates back to 4500 years ago. At that time, a king named Haonk Ti ordered to imitate the sound of birds and streams and to invent music.

The history of music in Japan

It is said that one day in Japan, the goddess of the sun got angry and went to her shelter. The only encouragement to come out was to start singing hymns. Even now in Japan, when an eclipse occurs, Japanese people resort to this old custom and sing old songs.

last word

In general, music has a long and distant history, and we mentioned only a small part of it in this content. you can listen to or download all kinds of classic, pop, rap, etc. songs online and online on Melorafy. Thank you for being with us so far.


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