MusicBiography of the famous singer Enrique
Biography of the famous singer Enrique

Biography of the famous singer Enrique

Enrique Iglesias full biography states that Enrique Miguel Iglesias Pressler was born on May 8, 1975 and is a Spanish singer and songwriter. He is the son of Julio Iglesias, an international singer and songwriter who has been seriously involved in music since 1994.

Enrique Iglesias’ career began on the independent label Phonoviza, which helped him become one of the most popular artists in Latin America and the US and world music markets, selling more than most Latin albums by other artists of that time period.

The life of Enrique Iglesias

It rarely happens that the children of famous singers can come out from under the heavy shadow of their parents and make a name for themselves in the world of music without their help. The story goes that when Enrique went behind the microphone for the first time, no one knew that this young man with a small blank in his face was the son of Julio Iglesias, a famous Spanish singer, especially since the boy was initially so that the shadow of his father would not weigh on his head.

Enrique Iglesias’ biography says Iglesias is the son of famous Spanish singer Julio Iglesias and Filipino journalist Isabel Pressler. He was born in Madrid, Spain, and his parents separated when he was three years old. Until his grandfather, Dr. Julio Iglesias Puga, was kidnapped by Eta Basques.

The life of Enrique Iglesias

Although the grandfather was finally rescued safely, this kidnapping caused their mother to send them to the United States in Miami, Florida, for greater safety, to live with their father.

This move caused Enrique to practically grow up in three different cultures: European, American and Hispanic, which later left its mark on his music. However, his father was rarely at home and he was raised by a nanny named Elvira Alvarez; And he visits his mother every summer.In Miami, Iglesias enjoyed the luxuries of being the child of a millionaire, but later developed a taste for simpler things, a fact that later became evident in his concert appearance, appearing in plain clothes such as white cotton T-shirts and denim.

Enrique’s work in cinema

Of course, except for the world of music, Enrique has also drawn to the world of film and cinema, or rather, Hollywood. In 2002, he appeared on the screen in the movie (2003) (Once Upon a Time in Mexico) with Antonio Banderas, Johnny Depp and Salma Hayek;

And likewise, Iglesias appeared in the May 7, 2007 episode of “Two and a Half Men” with the role of a repairman named “Fernando”; And he also played in two episodes of the comedy series How I Met Your Mother.

Enrique Iglesias Awards

23 Billboard Music Festival Awards, 36 Billboard Latin Music Festival Awards, 10 World Music Festival Awards, 6 American Music Festival Awards, 1 Grammy Music Festival Award, 4 Latin Grammy Music Festival Awards, 6 MTV Music Festival Awards, 19 Premios Lo Awards Nuestro and 15 Premios Juventud Enrique Iglesias has won more than 200 awards.

Enrique Iglesias, a famous Spanish singer, songwriter and actor, was seriously injured in an accident while performing a concert in Mexico. He was transferred to Los Angeles and is being treated.

In an accident that happened on Sunday night in Tijuana, Mexico, the fingers of Enrique Iglesias’ right hand were seriously injured in a collision with a filming drone. This incident happened when he tried to grab the drone and its propeller blades hit his hand.

Enrique Iglesias Awards

Yglesias continued to perform the concert for half an hour despite medical advice after receiving first aid and the incident.

“During the show, Enrique grabbed a drone used to take crowd shots (from above) at night to show the audience his vantage point,” the singer’s agent said in a statement released to the Associated Press. to give A mistake occurred and an accident occurred. He decided to go ahead and perform for 30 minutes, while the bleeding continued during the show.

He rushed to the airport, where an ambulance was waiting for him. “Enrique has flown to Los Angeles to be examined by a specialist.”

Enrique Iglesias’ concert was held in Plaza de Toros in Tijuana and 12 thousand spectators attended that performance. The photos published in the media and social networks show the 40-year-old singer in a bloody white T-shirt. Enrique’s website states that his music tour will continue in July in Mexico City.

Entry into singing

He did not want to be under his father’s name, with a loan of 2,000 dollars from his nanny, Elivares, he was able to prepare for the recording of his two songs.

Then, under the pseudonym Enrique Martinez, he sent his songs to various music companies, and finally, a few months later, he was invited to work with the Bonosiva company.

After joining a music company, he prepared an album with 10 songs within five months and launched it under his own name in 1995 when he was 20 years old.

This album sold one million copies in less than 3 months and the single Si Tu Te Vas from this album became very popular among people.

Entry into singing

The beginning of world fame

In 1998, Enrique released his second album, Vivir, which sold 5 million copies in the first week alone, before releasing his first English-language album a year later.

This album also made him popular by selling 10 million copies.


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