MusicHow to have rock style?
How to have rock style?

How to have rock style?

Since the birth of rock and roll in the 1950s in the United States, the rock music genre has continued to evolve and spread through many styles and groups, artists and  figures around the world. This is quite natural because rock is above all a rock style combination of different musical streams such as jazz, blues and country, which were first performed by black middle-class musicians and then by many Artists such as Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Little Richard or Bill Haley expanded rock and now it has become so popular.

Over the years, with the arrival of rock in Europe and especially in England, the real birthplace of many legendary groups such as Led Zeppelin, The Beatles or the Rolling Stones and even in countries where fashion and music are together are mixed, rock music finds various subcategories.You can download and listen to every style of music in melorafy. The explosion and boiling of the combination of genres continues in the following decades with the arrival of punk and hard rock music in the 70s, which in turn leads to new and numerous musical streams.

What is rock style?

As mentioned earlier, although there are many styles of rock, there has always been a desire to be different, not to enter into a common mold and avoid the constraints of being the same color.

As some English groups like the Beatles appeared in suits, grunge groups like Mudhany appear with messy looks, or others show up with black motorcycle jackets; These show that there is not one style of rock, but certainly many styles of rock can be found.

The stylistic influences of the rock style can also have a social origin, which is the origin of either the English or American working class, or simply the product of a protesting mentality or the tendency to not accept the rules of society; and in contrast to other styles that come from the intersection The world of music and the world of fashion have come into being.

The combination of these roots and social influences means that the rock style should not be considered as a single and simple entity, but rather as a much more complex thing that is still evolving and branching into different sub-branches in order to create different styles.

The many styles of the rock subculture

Jeans and a white t-shirt, a shirt with rolled-up sleeves and a tie, a well-tailored suit, a black leather jacket, or even an understated bohemian look: all these styles can be rocked.

be related We will not talk about hairstyles, long and thick beards or three-day beards or tattoos because all these elements are physical elements that can be very limiting and marginalize some parts of the morphology of the rock style; This is not our goal.

Of course, it’s easier when you look and feel good! For example, David Beckham  is a proof of it; Although he has had several examples of questionable appearance in the past, he has been able to change his social class and even go beyond it by choosing the rock style.

Maybe some styles look more natural and spontaneous, like James Dean’s style, but there are other styles that are much more precise or require more tools.

This makes these styles belong to people who are interested in the world of high level fashion embroidery. But due to this wide range, as long as the ultimate goal is to feel comfortable in the clothes, everyone can achieve this style in their own limits and sizes. James Dean’s style is a good example.

What is rock style?

Regarding the styles related to metal, punk or even gothic, we can say that they are sometimes very close to the rock look: band t-shirts, tight jeans, leather jackets, boots and… clothes sometimes with more extreme changes And less commonly, they are almost the same.

In fact, the clothing styles associated with these musical movements can be just as popular as the musical movements themselves, but they don’t have quite the same expected impact.

Here, there is still diversity, and there is a wide gap between the fans of grindcore  whose approach is self-priority over clothing, and the fans of gothic fashion with very large boots and a very worked overall look.

Rock attitude can not be bought!

Do you have to listen to rock music to choose a rock style? Should you be a bad boy or a biker? The answer is no because anyone can dress rock-style and pretend to be whatever they want.

It is obvious that every day we come across more and more people on the streets who look like rockers and have probably only heard some hit songs from famous bands like the Rolling Stones on the radio.

However, there’s nothing stopping anyone from wearing what they want and nothing forcing you to be a rocker, a rocker encyclopedia, or a professional biker. On the contrary, even if it is a style that you like and you feel that it suits you and is made for you, you can choose it.

However, originality can’t be bought anywhere, and somewhere if you resort to wearing rock-style clothes with a simplistic imitation or just to look cool and attractive, it will only look like a fake style. Sometimes, there is the fact that you don’t worry too much about your style, so that without these sensitivities, sometimes you become more original and therefore rockier.

Basically, it’s important that your style is consistent with you, otherwise you risk looking like a clown and will soon be accused of showing off.

The rock look, which used to be reserved for rock and metal fans, has become widely popular in recent years to the point where it sometimes looks more stylish and has adapted to suit a variety of tastes. Many styles of clothing and accessories are must-haves for men and women rocking a rock style. At one time, leather and black color were the requirements of rock style and even these two are still the basis of some other styles, but today there is no such necessity to have a rock style.

Rock style clothes:


Leather is the star of rock clothing fabrics. Leather is used in the production and design of coats, jackets, boots, pants, shorts, skirts and even women’s long shirts. Leather clothes are usually finished and decorated with press buttons, zippers or rings.

Remember, don’t choose the look of leather shoes for yourself. In addition to leather, you can also use denim, knitted and even light fabrics such as silk, wool and lace (for women).


Definitely black! This color is great for rock style… secondly, gray or distressed denim will also go well with your rock look. You can also use other colors partially in your style, such as red, beige, cream, metallic colors, etc.

Undoubtedly, Perfecto is a classic rock outfit. This jacket was previously designed in America for motorcyclists, but today it is a popular outfit for many young people.

For those who don’t like this model or don’t feel comfortable with it, they can wear a denim jacket, which is less dazzling and tough.

Rock style clothes:Tight Jeans

Tight jeans, preferably black and used, which are a must in wardrobes, and choosing this dress applies to women just like men.


There is a wide range of shoes to choose from; Multiple choices that include boots, ankle boots (Chelsea boots and…) or even Dr. Martins resistant shoes. For a style that is both informal and rock, desert shoes are suitable for men.

As for women, they use the most stylish and exotic boots to follow the rock style, especially in terms of boots.

There are different models of t-shirts in the range of rock style; To show your taste, you can have a style based on a t-shirt from a band, or you can wear a stiletto top to show off your muscles and tattoos, maybe you can cope with a loose t-shirt for an easier style.

Patches and badges

If fans of thrash or heavy metal bands tend to make a nice jacket with patchwork, others can discreetly use a badge or patch on a jacket or bag to show their favorite style taste.

Main characteristics of rock style

As we said, the most important feature of rock style is black, which is the dominant color of the cover, which is mostly seen in their leather clothes; Black leather jacket and pants, black leather gloves, black leather boots, etc.

Leather clothes of this style are often not ordinary leather, but rough leather with zippers, large teeth, and large and strange metal buttons (sometimes in the shape of a skeleton) on it. and often, accessories such as chains are hanging on it.

Main characteristics of rock style

Jeans and denim jacket are also the main items of this type of style, but mostly, ripped and ripped jeans. The t-shirts of this style have printed designs and graphics, and most of the images are strange, special and protesting, for example, skeletons, counter-cultural symbols, etc.; Of course, other colors also have a place in this type of style; including intense crimson, red and gray colors.

In general, all the items of rock style, together, make rockers seem violent and inflexible and sometimes even scary; But it must be said that this is not always the case, and many people who have such an appearance are very kind-hearted and kind, and this type of style is just a way to express protest or show negative inner feelings, including anger and frustration.


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