MusicWhat is an orchestra?

What is an orchestra?

Orchestra is a term that all of you may have heard, and all of you may think of an orchestra as a large hall where different music and concerts are held and musicians and singers perform their music, but the concept of an orchestra is very different. More than this, the meaning is short and slang

All people who are interested in music know the meaning of the word orchestra, and even if you are not a music lover, you have heard this word at least once

1- What does orchestra mean?

The word “orchestra” originally has a wider meaning outside of its popular meaning, which refers to a music hall, which actually means a group of musicians and an orchestra leader who perform a piece of music together.

There are different types of orchestras, the symphony orchestra is known as the biggest type of orchestra because it contains all the western classical instruments and all these instruments are played in harmony with each other and creates a classical piece that is pleasing to the ears

2- Who is the conductor?

The conductor is a person who has a notebook called Party Tour in which the manner and time of playing the high and low notes are mentioned in it, and the heart of the orchestra, the conductor, can show the musicians how to And at what time which musician will start playing.

Every composer, when he creates a piece, must prepare a party tour for it, so that the conductor can guide his musicians with the help of it. The heart of every orchestra is the conductor, who controls and coordinates everything that is played and played

3- Examining the types of orchestras :

There are different types of orchestras, and we will examine the most common and famous ones so that after understanding the concept of an orchestra, we can also know its types

What is a symphony orchestra?

A symphony orchestra is the largest type of orchestra in which 80 to 900 and sometimes even 100 master musicians are placed in a hall in four groups and guided by the conductor on how to play the desired piece.

In the symphony orchestra, it is tried to use all the western classical instruments, and this type of orchestra kept its form until the 20th century and was performed regularly

chamber orchestra :

A chamber orchestra is another type of orchestra that is smaller than a symphony orchestra, and there is no need for a large and luxurious hall, and the number of people in it is less, and wood, percussion and string instruments are mostly used in it

string orchestra:

A string orchestra is one of the types of orchestras in which there are no more than 20 people and in which only string instruments are used and the music is held in a smaller hall

The symphony orchestra is the largest and most luxurious type of orchestra that exists, and more than 100 people play all the western classical instruments in it, but in orchestras there are fewer people and the types of instruments used are also more limited

We got to know the concept and types of orchestra and in this article we have tried to introduce the orchestra and its types in a general way so that you can have a broader view of it and have more information about it. We pay this word



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